Thursday, January 30, 2014

Washington City Paper "Best of" Reader's Poll

Got a minute? Want to help a small company keep the lights on? Please consider voting for MTB in the Washington City Paper's 2014 "Best of" Reader's Poll.

Just go to the "Goods & Services" category and find "Best Movers." Last year we got "Runner-up," an honor you better believe I plastered everywhere. The winners of the "Best of" was Bookstore Movers. I Not only was I honored that MTB got the Runner-up award, I was honored to be placed in such close proximity to our friends over there at Bookstore. They've definitely earned it, and I'm glad to have such friends in an otherwise cut-throat industry.

That said, if you're so inclined, we'd appreciate your vote. Our marketing budget is one, maybe two notches above "standing on street corner in a homemade foam cowboy suit flipping a big sign around." So, any bit of recognition helps.


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