Monday, January 6, 2014

5-star review from Shay L.! (And I get a new respect for pilates...)

Got another nice one from Shay L. Full disclosure: I was on this job.

Chris was a pleasure to work with and he stayed in contact through the duration of this job. I had a very heavy and awkward piece of pilates equipment that needed to be moved from my carriage house, upper level, to my main home, upper level.  Living in a home built circa 1900, door widths, ceiling heights and turns can prove tricky.  Chris and his workers were polite and speedy.  They even helped me reassemble the equipment and put my door back on the frame.  I will definitely use them for my moving needs in the future! Thanks guys!

Sean, a frequent name on our Yelp page, helped out. It was a beast of a pilates equipment, although I have no idea how it compares to other units.

A funny moment: Shay had to leave to pick up a child from school while we were there. She'd asked us to put one piece of the equipment into the large block of it, but we had no idea where or how exactly it was supposed to go. Imagine two scruffy movers standing there in front of some inscrutably complicated piece of machinery, Googling "pilates" to A) figure out how the heck the machine was supposed to fit together, and B) what the heck pilates is.

Fortunately, she came back just as we'd temporarily abandoned that part of the project to re-hang a door. Now, however, after my research, I can say that pilates looks like one hell of a workout. Hauling pilates machines sure is...

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