Monday, December 9, 2013

UPDATED: Scrape ice off your vehicle's roof, please

Here's your morning PSA (since I know that if your power's out and your home from work, you must be reading this blog...)

I just spent the last 45 minutes driving to work through an icenado. No, the weather has calmed down, but I'd say at least 50 percent of the vehicles out there were carrying a load of ice and snow on their roofs. When they get up to speed, that ice sheers off, gets some air, and seems sexually attracted to my windshield. Fortunately, traffic was light so I was able to dodge all of it, but still...

So, please, do yourselves and your neighbors a favor -- scrape ALL the ice off of your vehicle. Not just the stuff obstructing your vision (and you people who don't do even that? What are you, base jumpers or something?)

UPDATE: I was chatting with an hold high school buddy yesterday. (Perhaps "old" isn't a good term to use for him -- he just turned 40, which may be relevant to this story...hah!) He said he hurt his back. We'd just been talking about chopping wood because that's what men do, so I asked him if that's how it happened.

"No," he said, "it's really embarassing..." As it happened, he was driving down the road when a large sheet of ice sheared off the car in front of (or near) him. It landed squarely on the top of his vehicle. Apparently it happened so fast he barely knew what happened. So, did he panic and drive his car into a guard rail? No -- this is my buddy D., the guy who back in high school shepherded me through many a vehicular problem. He is, in my world, the Original Truck Buddy.

No, D. just flinched. Unfortunately, the body not being what it used to, it caused some sort of pinched nerve or other malady. He's not down for the count, but he's going to have to go to the doctor or chiropractor twice this week because of it.

The lesson -- PLEASE clear the ice from your ENTIRE vehicle!

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