Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Yelp 5-star review from Cathy G.!

I'm currently in a battle with Yelp over a bogus review ("We don't fact check," they say...), but Yelp isn't totally bad. Well, no, Yelp is evil, but people who write reviews on that site are almost all good and generous and articulate.

I get twitterpated when we get five-star reviews.

Like this one! Thanks to Cathy G. for writing a thoughtful review of our company. Thanks especially, of course, to Truck Buddies Ara and Sean for earning it. (More on Sean in the next post...)

We needed help unloading a u-haul into storage.  We hired two moving guys from My Truck Buddy and we were thoroughly impressed.  Right from the start of calling and asking questions about the business to shaking hands to say thank you at the end, it was an amazing experience.  The movers were on-time, kind, courteous, and super friendly.  They move quickly and efficiently when they could have gone slower and we wouldn't have fussed even though we were paying by the 15 minutes.  They moved our piano with such ease and caution.  We will be hiring them again when we move from storage into our new house!  And I wouldn't be surprised if they had high scores in Tetris!
I don't know how the guys fare at Tetris, but you could say I sort of majored in it. Who would have thought all those hours in college would have been such great preparation for this job? ["Everybody. --Everybody]

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