Thursday, December 19, 2013

Employee Appreciation Shout-Out: Sean

Just wanted to note a mighty deed by Sean today. Actually, it's just one of many. He is universally respected for this kind of thing.

He woke up to a 100+ degree fever. He knew we were short-handed, so he manned-up and headed-out. When he met us at the office, he was a little "droopy," but otherwise ready to go. This is awesome because we were on a "Big Truck Job," one of those where we take a 26-footer out to who-knows-what. We rent big trucks when the job is bigger than a 2-bedroom apartment. In our experience, the chances for anything over that size to go sideways exponentially increases. Bigger place = more stuff.

So, when Sean boarded that beast, he knew that he could be facing a monster of a day -- and he has four consecutive Big Truck Jobs after that over the next few days. It's enough to make a lesser man weep.

He didn't weep. He was obviously struggling today, but it was only "obvious" if you know him. He never complained, he never took the easy way when possible. As the crew leader, it more or less naturally falls to me to carry the items from the truck to the lift gate at the rear. It's a fast pace, but relatively easy, particularly if you're unloading into something with multiple levels.

I asked if Sean wanted to swap roles -- he would bring things to the end of the truck, I'd carry. He refused. Not only that, he was always volunteering to take the heavier things. Whenever I work with him, I wonder if he thinks I'm the old man who needs to be taken care of.

And despite his state, he still did "the little things." For example, when we were maneuvering a kid's twin bed into place, he had the high end, and the other end was on the floor. As I bent down to grab my end, he twisted the bed a little so I could get my hand under it for the initial lift.

It's hard to explain how thoughtful that is in this industry. Maybe I've been out of the field for too long, but things like that go a long way to building an awesome workforce.

Thanks, buddy.

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