Monday, December 30, 2013

Air B&B's -- what's your experience?

Cleaning out the idea archives, I came across this article about a guy's experience buying and renting an "Air B&B." If you don't know what that is, it's basically a service for people needing short-term lodgings. There are quite a few in the area.

It's a neat idea -- if you have space to rent, you just go to their site and set up a free listing. Here's their short Getting Started Guide. You won't be able to retire on the revenue, but you could bring in some extra cash.

I'm interested in hearing about people's experience hosting AirB&B places as well as from those who have use them.

For hosts: Is it profitable? Has it been a good experience? A pain? Do people treat your space like a Ft. Lauderdale Spring Break bacchanalia, or are people mostly respectful?

For users: Have spaces been clean, comfortable? Do you have creepy landlords "asking if you need anything" every five minutes?

I'm genuinely curious. Not sure if I'd do anything with the information, but considering DC is becoming quite the boomtown, this might be one of those "good ideas..."

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