Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wow! Three 5-stars in one day!

I just noticed that we got three five-star Yelp reviews in one day. Thank you! I suppose one day I'll be jaded and take these for granted, but I'm not there yet. Not even close. I'm astounded and humbled that people take the time to write the reviews, and, of course, I'm amazed that we have a multitude of the kinds of guys that earn them. Special thanks to Chad, Seton, and Morgan for writing the reviews, and to Tarik, Damien, Darion, Ara, Sean, Erik and Prescott for earning them!

At 119 visible (as in "not archived or banished") reviews, this is definitely a new record.

From C.A.:
I used My Truck Buddy for a move on Saturday, November 9.  They were very accomodating on less than a week's notice.  In fact, one of the managers noted that they were all booked up, but offered to put himself on a moving team so that I could be moved when I had planned.  
The move itself couldn't have been better.  The guys were extremely friendly, moved everything quickly, and did not damage anything.  I was moving from one apartment to another in the same complex, and the entire thing took under one hour.
In researching moving companies for my small move, I couldn't find movers at a better price point than MTB.  Most seemed to charge for transportation time and have at least three-hour minimums.  I was surprised at how low MTB's quote was, and was even more surprised when the actual move came in under that quote.  I would've spent more ordereing pizza and beer for my friends if I tried to make the move myself.
As a side note, their website was very well written and entertaining.  While not a big deal, I was able to tell right away that the company was run by smart, professional people.  My actual experiences in the move confirmed this, and I would recommend this company to anyone.
From Seton:
No exaggeration on the Stars.
They were on time, fast yet careful, thorough, deliberate and completely open to all my usually ridiculous requests.  I just purchased my first home, and have thus dealt with a lot of service providers.  MTB was and remains far and away the best.

From Morgan:
Thank you so much to MTB for the awesome job!  I actually saw their high ratings on Yelp and they were they first folks I called.  On time, efficient and really nice guys.  They even moved a massive plant that I was sure would fall apart one piece.  I highly recommend this service to everyone.

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