Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Such great advice!

I was poking around the back end of our website and I discovered that I basically left a comment feature open and unmoderated. If you go to the Testimonials link under the Kudos tab, you'll see hundreds, maybe more, of spambot comments. Some of them are truly awesome, like this one:

I must say, like a great deal because i liked reading through what you needed to point out, My partner and i couldn't help yet lose interest after a few years. Its as if you were built with a great comprehension about the subject issue, however, you did not remember to incorporate your potential customers. Perhaps you should think about this specific coming from way over 1 viewpoint. Or you could possibly wont generalise so considerably. Its better if you think maybe by what others may have to declare instead of just getting a intestine reply to the subject. Think with regards to modifying your own thought procedure along with supplying individuals that may well see this the benefit of the particular doubt
I couldn't agree more. I COULD think by what others have to declare instead ofjust getting a intenstine reply to the subject.

Wise words...wise words...

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