Monday, October 7, 2013

New Milestone for MTB: 110 Yelp reviews and a 5-star average

David, our GM stopped me on the way out last week. "Got a present for you," he said.

"Multiple streams of passive, residual income?" I asked, foolishly hopeful once again.

"Better! We now have 110 reviews on Yelp and we got our 5-star average back."

That was indeed a nice present.

I've blogged about Yelp numerous times, so I don't think I need to record my thoughts on that yet again, and my thoughts remain the same, but they sorta/kinda came through for us this time. We recently combined all of our Yelp "real estate" (we had multiple listings around the area for some reason), and the result is what you see here. It's a new record for us.

It's especially nice to get our 5-star average back. We lost that a couple of years ago due to a couple of bad reviews (reviews, I might add, were, shall we say, somewhat unfair). We languished in 4.5 territory until last week, when the extra ten or so pushed us out of what I think of as review Purgatory.

Nobody but the Yelp IT guy knows how their algorithm works, but it appears we've achieved some numerical milestone that earned us the extra half-star average. 

Thank you again to all who reviewed and continue to be "brand ambassadors" for our struggling little service. I'm always working to earn the trust people put in us. 


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