Monday, September 30, 2013

My Truck Buddy needs a new home...

It's got to be some sort of cosmic irony when a moving company has to move...

MTB HQ has been at it's Alexandria, VA location for almost three years. As with almost every good thing that's happened with the business, it was complete dumb luck that brought us here. I'd been looking for a place to house our growing fleet, so I put an ad on Craigslist for parking. I figured it would be a one-in-a-million shot if anyone responded, and if I could afford it. A couple of days later I got a response -- "I have some parking for you. Need office space too?" I thought office space would be a luxury we couldn't afford, but when I got the price, I realized it was very do-able.

It might be too melodramatic to say that whatever success we've had has been due to our awesome location and access to the city, but not too much. It's been great. Heck -- we can even walk to the office from the Metro station.

My Truck Buddy's formerly bustling world headquarters. 
Alas, our building was purchased by a group that's going to renovate it and put some kind of school in here. We have the option of coming back in the spring -- minus the parking. As you can see in the pic, our formerly bustling hub of commerce and activity is a ghost town. It's a very sad place. All the master craftsmen who used this space have moved on, leaving us alone in one corner of a big warehouse. It's quiet and lonely, and definitely feels like the passing of an era. Sad face.

We have a few workable options on the table, but basically we need an official HQ. Ideally, a place with parking and small administrative offices. (We can ALMOST run the business on our laptops in coffee shops, but our bodies can only handle so much caffeine, and we'd need a lot to justify fourteen hour stays at the local Starbucks...) SUPER ideally, we'd need find an affordable place with storage, too.

And, of course, our sister company Rent Our Boxes needs a new home as well.

So, if you know of anyone who's looking to rent some space in the Del Ray area of Alexandria (again, ideally -- we can take only so much change), let me know. We're considering everything, including renting a room out of somebody's house, if indeed you can do that legally. (We already have a backup plan for parking if absolutely necessary...) We have three 16-foot box trucks that can fit in normal (as in "not compact") parking spaces. Our equipment can go into the trucks for the most part.

Thanks! (Here's to one-in-a-million chances).


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