Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some statistics

We recently started sending post-move surveys to our customers. I know, I know...surveys. Nobody likes them. I hate them. But they're one of the best ways to get real customer feedback with which we can improve service and operations.

So far we've only received 18. (Thanks, you 18!) They basically reveal a horrifying thing: people DO expect a lot of us.

Cue the cold sweats. Cancel sleep for the foreseeable future...

Of the 18 who filled out the survey, most had "very high expectations" of our service:

So how did we do? Well, good overall, but obviously we could do better:

For the most part, people had a good impression of the guys. (Three "happy-go-lucky?" How did that even get in the survey?)

Whatever things we can improve (and their are many), at least 100 percent of those who responded would recommend us again:

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