Thursday, August 22, 2013

A couple of job opportunities...

Looking for a job? We have a couple of opportunities.

Silver Spring Crew

First: We're looking for a crew of solid guys who can operate largely independently in the Silver Spring area, and other points along the northern part of the Beltway. This crew wouldn't have a "protected territory," and would likely take on jobs in the rest of the DC area from time to time, but for the most part they'd handle the northern area.

The reason is simple: we receive a LOT of calls from people in the Silver Spring area. The problem is that those jobs are somewhat far from MTB HQ, meaning we have to charge slightly more in order to make it worth our time. (Please understand that "worth our time" means that we operate so close to the edge of poverty that some jobs literally cost us more to do than simply not doing them.) We don't know the exact numbers, but we know that a significant number of people decline our estimates for these areas because they seem excessive. One way to combat that: Having a crew in the area would significantly cut our costs, allowing us to bring rates down.

Interested? Go to The job applying for is "Silver Spring Crew."

Sales Rep.
The other opportunity is sort of experimental, but our initial experiments with it are yielding great results.

We're basically looking for a commission-based outside sales rep. You would have a territory to develop, and you'd get a commission for every lead generated and booked. (We can look at some sort of commission for leads NOT booked, but we'll see.)

You would have a lot of leeway and room for creativity. We know what works, and that will be the basis of all the rep's efforts, but as far as how these leads are generated, you could be as creative as you want. Just note: this ONLY includes things in the realm of "moral, ethical and legal." We don't have any tricks up our sleeves, and we don't make bold, crazy promises. (You know--no "get a six-pack with every move!")

Obviously want someone totally dedicated to the objective, but as an initial, experimental start-up position, we realize you're not likely to make a living right away. So, this can be a couple-of-hour-per-week type of job for you, or it can be 80 hours per week. Obviously the more time you spend on it, the greater your chances of success. But what I'm getting at is that you'd have the flexibility to hold down a regular day job while doing this on the side.

Interested? Fill out the form at The job you'd be applying for is "Sales Rep."

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