Saturday, July 13, 2013 is in court. Again.

Looks like is being taken to court by business owners again. Good. Even if they're not actually guilty of anything illegal, they'd be convicted of stupid PR. Their CEO is on the record saying that business owners are their "third priority." (I don't remember what priority one and two are, but I'm pretty sure they're 1. Making as much money as possible no matter how many people they screw over, and 2. Skinning kittens and wearing the fur as little earmuffs.)

We recently realized that all the money we pay for advertising has been going nowhere. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews on our DC-based Yelp account, but until recently, only one review of our Alexandria location. Now, we only have one location, but somebody wrote a review for the Alexandria location, which gave us two accounts. We did NOT want to advertise on the account that only had one review. We wanted to showcase the one with all our reviews.

Anyway, when we figured out they were promoting what was essentially a dead site, we were pretty miffed. We talked to them about getting some kind of refund for the thousands of dollars that went nowhere, but they're not exactly jumping up to show us what rock star customer service looks like.

I'd quit advertising with them by now, but that's the problem -- when you do that, all your bad reviews reappear and your 5-star reviews never last longer than a week. Next to the IRS, it's the shadiest organization in the country.


Anonymous said...

you had me until the last line. a little unnecessary, don't you think?

any way something like bbb could help?

Christopher said...

Unnecessary? Yeah, probably. Nobody knows how to flex authoritarian muscle like the IRS. They could squash Yelp.

I used to have fairly high regard for the BBB until I realized it was just another pay-for-play thing. A few years back Hamas had an A- there.

They're always trying to get me to re-up for their listing service.

Angie's List may be the best review site. Unfortunately, you have to pay for it. That makes it harder to get reviews there. Still, we have about 45 -- all A's except for one B and an F. (We never helped the guy who gave us an F--he gave us that grade because I pushed back when he accused us of shenanigans because he didn't scroll down on his estimate far enough to see the figures. Fun story.)