Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An awesome customer, awesome feedback

This one came over the transom the other day. I LOVE getting these kinds of emails in the morning.


Just wanted to say thank you for creating this company that could help me with my move. It went great -- the most painless move I've ever had. My fear of that "inevitable" problem that would occur and wreak havoc, it never materialized, which is probably because Leon and Tyler were very good at what they do. 
They were super-helpful, they offered to start my job early, and they were fast. They clearly knew what they were doing: for instance, they both quickly determined that they would need to disassemble and reassemble some of my furniture in order to move it properly, and they did so with ease and speed (even without the quirky Ikea-specific tools to do so). Once at the destination, they were extremely careful: they successfully navigated my bulky furniture around the numerous fragile items that dotted the way between the front door and my room. That isn't easy -- my new place is a basement bedroom, but the bedroom is behind a bakery, and there are extremely fragile cake-art samples all around the bakery. Leon and Tyler didn't hit a single one. 
Beyond their helpfulness, they were also friendly, they put the "buddy" in "My Truck Buddy." (Or something like that.) Despite spending two hours navigating heavy, bulky furniture through tight spaces, they were entertaining to be around. (Their hatred for stairs was amusingly palpable.) They're an asset to your company, and in the unlikely even that I ever decide to start a moving company, I'm stealing them from you.
Thanks Chris!

Many hanks to Leon and Tyler! 

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