Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MTB voted Washington City Paper's "Best Of" Mover Runner-Up

The Washington City Paper runs an annual contest looking for the best products, services and businesses in the DC area. For little companies like My Truck Buddy, it's a pretty big deal.

Naturally, we're most interested in the "Best Movers" category, but a close second is obviously the "Fastest Chipotle." For about four straight years, our buddies at Bookstore Movers have won the title (and I've never waited in line more than a few minutes at the Crystal City Chipotle.) Bookstore definitely earns it, if the character and dedication to service by owner Matt Wixon is any indication. I know him, would definitely call him a friend, and always find new ways to emulate his work.

We must have learned a few things from them because this year we achieved "Runner Up" status in the City Paper's contest. Yeah, I'm proud. It's not a bad milestone to hit just before our five year anniversary.

It's already inspiring some great marketing campaign ideas. (If I had time for marketing, much less "campaigns.") For example: "When you're ready to settle, go with the buddy who was there all along!" Or maybe "'Second best' still has 'best' in it."

It's a work in progress. Like everything else.

Many, many thanks to everyone who voted for us. I have no idea how many votes were cast, but I know that we have a hell of a lot more dedicated fans and supporters than I imagined. To even get on the radar for something like this is amazing. In all seriousness, I'm deeply humbled and yes, a little bit terrified. (For a naturally shy guy like me, doing anything in the public arena is terrifying.)

Thank YOU!

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