Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Need a job? We don't have an unemployment problem here...

It's January, so most of us are thinking about spring and summer. My Truck Buddy is most definitely thinking about it, but for slightly different reasons. We have six months of prep to do to get ready for the summer rush, and we need people.

Here's the thing: every year there's a greater demand for our service, but we never have enough men to cover all the work. After a certain point, we ask guys if they'll take on a few extra jobs in a week, and enterprising Truck Buddies often take those jobs, but there's only so much they can do. This year, I don't want to turn away 50 percent of customers who come to us because we just don't have the manpower.

We're looking to fill multiple crew leader and crew positions, with special emphasis on crew leaders. Who are they? Crew leaders are maestros. They must harmonize thousands of variables in often high-pressure, low-time environments. They must safely drive and load trucks. They must lead groups of men into "battle;" often, they must lead men with...ah..."skeptical attitudes" about authority. All the while they must be empathetic, good communicators, and objective-oriented. Above all, they must be people of integrity, honest, and have a positive attitude.

In the past, we've looked for "professionals between careers." We've had military officers, journalists, photographers, consultants, and even a published author. Surprisingly (to an increasingly older fogey like me), students have been some of our best guys. For most people, this is a break from their "real" lives, but this break is still physically and mentally challenging enough to be far more than simple grunt work.

Nonetheless, reliability and integrity don't reside in any particular background or profession. Some of our best guys have had mediocre resumes. Some of our worst guys interviewed extremely well, had tons of experience, and then completely flopped.

So, do you know anyone who's looking for a change? Are you looking for something different to get you through a rough patch in your life? Do you or someone you know recognize the opportunity to get in with a start-up company at the right time when it's experiencing record growth every year? (Until last year, we more than doubled growth for four straight years.)

Let me be frank, though: we won't take just anyone. In this highly competitive, high-cost industry, reputation is everything. I've been through this enough times now that I won't waste my time with guys whose best "asset" is that they "need a job." Perhaps deservedly so, this industry has a reputation of being at the very bottom. I see it differently -- I know from years of personal, back-breaking, soul-crushing experience, through literal blood, sweat and yes, literal tears, that tough work properly approached can refine and build character. It can be a dead-end job, or it can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Heh. If nothing else it'll give you a baseline for what you never want to do.

Absolute minimum requirements:
Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
Must have a valid driver's license, reliable transportation, or live near public transportation that can get you to the office even on Saturdays.
Must be able to get to work on time.
Must be able to work well with a wide variety of people -- both co-workers and especially customers.

I'm looking for leaders, or people who can become leaders. Let me be absolutely clear: while I'm probably the most sympathetic employer you'll ever work for, my first priorities are the successful relocation of our customers, the financial health and reputation of this company. Guys who show up late or don't show up at all will not last long here. Guys who gossip and erode morale -- one warning, then you're gone.

On the flipside: if you're someone whose reliability and integrity is always beyond question, I'll bend over backward to keep you here and happy.

The pay is good. The hours are flexible. If you're interested, shoot an email with resume to David@mytruckbud.com.

Let's do mighty deeds.

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