Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't quit...

It's a great morning, but the to-do's (the comma is acceptable, I'm told) just finally added up to vapor lock. I was happily plugging to-do items into the right categories, texting/emailing/calling for information, scratching ideas in books, taking voice memos, and then something occurred to me that has major ramifications on how we conduct part of the business and...

I stood there, hands together in a prayer-like fashion, smiling, but the expression on my face frozen, a small trickle of drool emerging from the corner of my mouth. Suddenly, I could think no more.

I'm sure everyone's been there at some point, and I did what everybody does in such a moment -- I checked  Facebook! The first thing I saw was the latest post from Michael Hyatt, the guy whose work "Platform" is pretty much becoming the playbook for MTB's marketing efforts. The blog is called "Whatever You Do, Don't Quit."

I love it when things like that happen.

I have no intention of quitting. I'll probably drop dead while working on some new project or another. But the temptation to work...ah...veeerrryyy slooooowly is always there in the hard times.

So here's your positive message of the day: don't quit!

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