Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When your competitors attack: the best kind of praise

Truck Buddy Jimmy went down to the moving supply company to pick some things up. I just got a text from him:

"I was led to New Haven like a lamb to the slaughter."

Why? I asked.

"All these big companies were in there saying we weren't a real company for how 'we do things.' They all ganged up on me. I didn't back down. We do a completely different style than the tractor-trailer guys."

Here's my read on it: they're "butt hurt" (as the younger guys on the crew often say) that we maintain a decent reputation in an industry filled with fraud and abuse. Everything we do is completely legal. We passed our DOT safety audit. Our insurance coverage equals an amount I likely won't MAKE in my remaining working years.

What, exactly, do we do differently? I dunno, but since I strive to run a company with integrity, treat people with respect, and offer a fantastic service at an extremely fair rate (considering the costs in this industry), whatever they think we should be doing differently probably isn't anything we want to do at all!

I don't know why they're crying -- if they were really "big companies," we're not really their competition anyway. Unless GloboMegaCorp Moving and Abuse is really bringing 53 foot trailers to move studio apartments across town.

These people probably still read newspapers. On paper! Hah!


Dave Galanter said...

Having benefited from your moves twice, you guys do indeed do things right!

Dave Galanter said...

Having twice had you guys move me, I can attest that you do things right!

Christopher said...

Thanks, Captain!