Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Truck Buddy and Rent Our Boxes tie the knot

Judging by the skyscrapers of paperwork surrounding my computer, it's official: My Truck Buddy now runs the DC franchise of Rent Our Boxes. This means we now have a unique way to offer our customers moving boxes and packing supplies.

It made a ton of sense. (I'm now constitutionally unable to avoid moving-related metaphors in my communications...) We offer affordable moves for that category of people between do-it-yourself and GloboMegaCorp Van Lines. Rent Our Boxes (ROB) delivers very affordable boxes and moving supplies to busy people who don't have the time to scour the city and Craigslist for those things.

We partnered with ROB for awhile, but after a while, Bill Burris (who I still maintain looks like Jack Nicholson), decided to take the concept national and sell the local franchise. He offered, we accepted. I had to sell my collection of live dodo eggs to finance it, but we did it. (I kid -- Bill made a very fair offer).

So, now we've more than quadrupled the amount of office stuff we have to somehow fit into the MTB Command Center, but we can further help customers by providing an additional service that fits into the MTB ethos of superior service at a ridiculously good rate.

Look at me -- I sound like a businessman who thinks he knows what he's talking about...

A bit about the boxes

We love these things for several reasons:

  1. They're cheaper than anything you'll find in a storage unit, U-Haul, or Home Depot. Lowe's does offer, I believe, cheaper boxes, but I wouldn't store anything heavier than a brooding attitude in them. More on that in a second.
  2. They're designed for moving trucks like ours. That means that if you stack two wardrobe boxes next to three large boxes next to five medium boxes (or thereabouts), they'll all be the same height. Why is this important? Because nothing adds to the time of a moving job like "playing Tetris" with multiple-sized boxes, bags and et cetera. In other words, it reduces overall job time and saves people money. Happy people tell their friends, so it's great for everyone.
  3. Free delivery and pick-up. No need to waste time looking for the best, cheapest option -- we have it. And it costs nothing for us to deliver them AND pick them up later. Not enough time in your life? I can't help you with most of that, (although I can show you some great time management techniques I use), but I can save you a lot of time hunting for, and disposing of, boxes.
We're pretty jazzed about this "acquisition." The businesses almost seamlessly complement each other. We have a lot of work to do on the administrative side (getting emails to go to the right inboxes, making sure the phones work -- making sure we don't answer the phones with "Truck Buddy, this is Chris!.") 

So, we've got you covered. Next up: packing and cleaning services. After that, we buy a senator.

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