Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some customer feedback for My Truck Buddy -- thanks!

In the moving industry, your reputation is your company's life. It's somewhat difficult to stand out on things like price and services -- costs are pretty much the same for everyone -- so you have to stand out with other things. A company's reputation is one of the few things we have some degree of control over.

We rely heavily on which, as I've documented numerous times before, is a horrible, horrible business. Nonetheless, people use it, and many have been very kind to us. However, while only a small percentage of our customers write reviews about MTB on, a growing number write us directly. I wish these reviews were in a more public forum, but when things get tough, I'll take positive feedback however I can get it.

Here are just a few of the notes we've received in the last few months. Thanks goes to the guys -- particularly the veterans who've suffered through a confusing and chaotic learning curve to become the pillars and tradition-keepers of My Truck Buddy.

David -- Just wanted to tell you how totally impressed and satisfied I am with your work.  Everything was perfect, and I couldn't be happier.
 Thanks to all.
--Barbara, 8/18

David --

Once again, your movers were marvelous.  Quick, courteous, communicative, and efficient.  Of course, as the mother of a high school rower, I was very excited to meet your mover, Joe.

That you have such great guys working for you speaks volumes about the kind of company you have.

I will recommend you to my friends, and will call again in the future!


--Jennifer, 8/9

 Just wanted to say thanks for all the help today! The two guys that helped me out (Brian+another awesome guy) were incredibly helpful and finished really really quickly! [Note: we don't have a Brian on the crew. I think she meant Joe or Pete. -- CJ] It couldn't have gone any better. Never again will I move on my own! Please pass on my gratitude to the guys and make sure their bosses know how great they did!
 Thank you so much, 
--Kaitlin, 8/7 

Dear David - Can you stand to hear from another satisfied customer??  8 )   First, the online information was very helpful as was the estimate form and packing guide.  Second, your response was prompt. Third, you were quick to respond to questions and very helpful when I requested a change in the move time. Forth, according to my son who experienced the move, " these guys are amazing, they are so fast and so good!".  And last but not least the estimate you gave was spot on.  My son was so happy for the assistance in the hot and rainy weather on Saturday and I was very happy with the professional level of service you provided. Thank you so much.

--Jane, 7/23

 Just a note to tell you how great Pete and his team (Miko and another guy) were today for my move.  They were actually here early and went straight to work.  They even successfully dealt with the fact that my couch wouldn't fit through my front door!  (they brought it around the back and through the patio).
 They were truly professionals - please extend my thanks.

--Tracey, 5/29

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