Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The MTB Moving Guide -- it works.

People call all the time asking for tips and tricks to making their move go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. These are code words for "how to make it as cheap as possible." (Come on -- we both know it's true...) That's alright, because I want it to be as cheap as possible, too. This may seem counter-productive, but when people don't pay a lot for a great move, they're happy. Happy people tend to tell other people about their experience. Then people call! And in a business where if your client base is likely to use your service once a year, at best, we want as many people coming back as possible.

Also, offering a great, fair rate is just the right thing to do.

So, I wrote the My Truck Buddy Moving Guide. It's based on our experience of several thousand moves, and summarizes all the best practices we've found to help things go as quickly and affordably as possible. It's just a summary, mind you, because every job is different, and there are literally hundreds of factors that can make or break a move.

We had another motive for writing it -- to make our day easier as well. Despite my most strenuous efforts, the guys still want "a life." Having sacrificed my social life about five years ago to the gaping maw of the moving industry, I only vaguely remember what it's like to sit on the porch with friends, have some beers and not worry about a thousand variables...

But I digress. Or whine. Or whine-gress...

Anyway, the guys like to get their jobs in a reasonable amount of time with minimal hassle. It's a tall order in this industry, but not crazy. That's the other reason I wrote the Guide. And now that it's been out there for awhile, it's been downloaded and used hundreds of times. We're starting to get a lot of feedback about the Guide, and it's mostly positive. (Some people say I try to hard to be amusing in it...) People who actually follow the advice in the Guide report great results. Their moves go faster, there's less hassle, and the final price is very affordable. The guys get to have a life!

Conversely, people who don't use the guide run into trouble. For example, today I'm dealing with a situation that happened yesterday. The apartment wasn't packed, there was random stuff all over the place, half of the items to be moved weren't listed on the estimate request form, etc., etc., etc. It's not fun.

I'm actually surprised that the Guide is as useful as it is. Working with the maxim that one shouldn't let "the perfect be the enemy of the good," I had to cut vast swaths of verbiage out of it to keep it short and useful. I thought I was leaving out a lot of good stuff, but just had to get it done. But now that the results are coming in, I might give it a couple more rewrites and offer some sort of guarantee. For example, "If the Guide is followed to the letter, we'll guarantee a Do Not Exceed amount, or the labor after the high end of the estimate is free." (Obviously that'll take some work...)

Anyway, check it out. IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE. And it could literally save you hundreds of dollars on your move. (If you're completely unprepared, of course. Please don't do that...)

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