Friday, July 20, 2012

My 20th high school reunion: past and future collide

So...tomorrow the Class of 1992 is celebrating our 20-year reunion. I can't attend because I'll be working and I can't afford to charter a jet to transport all of our kids, but I'll be there in spirit.

Running a moving business has made me decidedly less...sentimental...than I used to be, but I suppose I should pause a moment to reflect on what I've learned since graduating high school.

Let's lessons...

I'm struggling here. The absolute first thing that came to mind is that you're probably better off to carry a bottle of Lysol with you if your work requires you to use a lot of public restrooms. I'm not kidding. That's the first thing I thought of. The second was:  "pockets are temporary storage--at best."

There must be something more transcendant in there, right? I suppose. Here's one: "Put others before yourself." Yeah, that'll work.

Another one: shut up. Seriously -- unless what comes out of your mouth is useful, positive or otherwise builds people up instead of tearing them down, just shut up. That's especially true -- at least for me -- if you feel the impulse to be funny all the time. I now have more experience than I'd like to confess about how words can kill.

Kind of makes blogging impossible...

Anyway, the last 20 years are a blur, and I imagine the next 20 will be much of the same. Listen up kids: it goes fast. Think you've got an endless life of boredom and/or suffering ahead of you? Well, you might, but it actually goes pretty fast. Don't sweat it.

So, here's to the Battle Ground High School Class of 1992. Me and Dennis will raise a glass to you tomorrow night (well, probably tonight, too.) I'll be there with you in spirit -- seriously, don't sit on me. I'll be at the back table, third chair from the right.

And keep your pockets clean.


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