Monday, July 23, 2012

In the tangled garden of chaos, a rose...

Just got this in. After Saturday's hour-by-hour crises, THIS makes for an unusually good Monday. (And it's a financially staggering payroll day, too!)

Thanks, J! We appreciate it!

Dear David - Can you stand to hear from another satisfied customer??  8 )   First, the online information was very helpful as was the estimate form and packing guide.  Second, your response was prompt. Third, you were quick to respond to questions and very helpful when I requested a change in the move time. Forth, according to my son who experienced the move, " these guys are amazing, they are so fast and so good!".  And last but not least the estimate you gave was spot on.  My son was so happy for the assistance in the hot and rainy weather on Saturday and I was very happy with the professional level of service you provided. Thank you so much.

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