Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Dare Mighty Things"

If you find anything cooler than this today, let me know. I doubt you could because, objectively speaking, from production value to project scope, this makes everything that came before it look like crap. Just crap.

You might gather that I'm some kind of science or science fiction nerd. You'd be right. But something else impressed me about this video: It's one of the most awesome feats of logistics and moving mankind has ever undertaken. (Obviously putting men on the moon with equipment less sophisticated than an iPhone ranks higher, but this is up there.)

Seriously though, the message at the end of the video resonates with me, albeit on a much smaller scale.

"Dare Mighty Things"

Yes. That.

The last five years of My Truck Buddy have been a a running laboratory in doing mighty things. The first mighty deed was surviving an unexpected layoff when I was the sole provider for three people. Then it was staying alive while working through 15-20 days and nights, doing moves, building a work force, bidding jobs, and navigating a Byzantine and often contradictory labyrinth of rules and regulations. I'll be honest -- if I didn't have to do it, I wouldn't have. But I had a growing family, now populated by three beautiful babies who've only known love and no suffering. It kept me motivated to keep challenging myself and moving forward when all I wanted to do was collapse in despair and booze.

Building a little moving company, while a logistical nightmare for a liberal arts slacker like me, is nothing like programming some hardware to remotely land safely on another frakking world. But it's my challenge and my Mighty Thing.

What's yours?

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