Monday, July 9, 2012

Become a stand-up (person): stand-up desks

I'm telling you -- stand-up desks are, like many things from the past, the way of the future. 

The Art of Manliness has a featured article up about these great pieces of furniture.

I mentioned somewhere on here that I'm building the website for my office landlord's stand-up desk company. Why? Because I love taking on brand new projects I'm barely qualified to do in the midst of a crushing workload. Also, I'm a huge fan of the desks. Not long ago, I discovered that I'm much clearer and focused when I work standing up. When I sit down, I'm sluggish and lazy. So, in exchange for the website, the landlord gave me a stand-up desk. 

Worlds of difference. 

They're great for the health reasons -- better posture, increased blood flow -- but if you have kids, especially boys, they're fantastic for security reasons. They can't reach the top of the desk to get into stuff. Highly recommended.

Anyway, here are AoM's 5 reasons to switch to a stand-up desk:

1. To avoid an early grave
2. To lose weight
3. To save your back
4. To increase your focus
5. To gain a satisfied tiredness 

They go into each point in some detail.

The website isn't up yet, but if you're in the Del Ray area of Alexandria, come by and see what the Stand Up Desk Company offers. Here's a pic of the one similar to mine:

Do your back and your creativity a favor -- get a stand-up desk!

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