Friday, July 13, 2012

A touching "Thank you " letter

I usually wake up at 5:30 or so every day. The first thing I do is check for texts or emails that tell me what the crises are for the day (guys get sick, trucks get flat tires, etc.) There's usually something. But the other day I received an email from a past customer that set the tone for the day, if not the week. We strive to "wow" people on every job, and we apparently nailed it with this customer, "N."

So, thanks, "N.," for making our day. We hope we can help you in the future!

Hi Chris:
I just wanted to write you and say, again, THANK YOU, for the moves!  You have moved me three times (I'm the woman who did the review saying "Helllooooo Thor"...) and now I am moving again, out of your market area!  I'm moving to New Jersey, and I'm actually really rather hurt that you guys can't be involved.  Sucks!
Well, I didn't want to depart without you knowing that you were appreciated very much.  When I didn't have anyone at all to help me, when I was in "precarious" situations and NEEDED to get OUTT, when I didn't have a ton of money but didn't want to jip you, you were there.  May sound silly, but this means a whole lot, knowing that there is a company out there that genuinely cares...and when you mention a situation such as moving to/from a new home...yes, that is a big deal.  A very big deal.  Home is everything.
So, if you've had difficult days, or if you would like to wake up and start fresh, I hope this note can assist.  It is genuine.  I can't say I will miss Washington DC, but the few times I met you and was able to get help with getting settled -- these all are something I will miss. Much love Chris! (and that is meant in a most non-creepy, platonically amiable fashion. I will not show up on Leslie Avenue with a proclamation. No fear! )

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