Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Welcome, little girl, and thank you, guys.

Baby Cecilia giving us hope of a peaceful infancy.
Last week, almost exactly one month early, our little girl was born. Baby Cecilia was born around 4:00 AM. She was 5lb, 12oz, and about 18 inches long. She has huge feet and she's beautiful.

Mommy and baby are both doing fantastically well. In fact, they both came home yesterday, which, like the birth, was quite a surprise.

I've often joked that with the arrival of each child, the business has taken off into a new, more productive, more complicated stage which, for the most part, was better than it was before. Paradoxically, each new stage is several orders of magnitude more stressful for a slacker liberal arts major like me, but also more peaceful. I imagine that the men on the deck of the Titanic felt a similar resignation as they watched the lifeboats row away. As with children, if do it right, you create something bigger and better than yourself or what you can imagine with a business. Eventually it takes on a life of it's own and you become more of a caretaker than a creator.

I have no idea how things are going to develop in the near future. There are massive projects that need to be undertaken, ridiculously ambitious goals to achieve, and a lot of foundation yet to build and/or patch. And now I'll have less time to do it. It's going to be exciting.

Fortunately, we have one of the best crews we've ever had. Without a good team, you're not going to get anything done. When I was called home last Tuesday to help while my wife suffered incapacitating contractions, I didn't expect that to be the last day I'd be able to work for an entire week. Had I known, I would have panicked. There was so much to be done. We're almost halfway through the year and I'm nowhere near ready to put a bow on the planning for the year and call it "good."

But it was no problem. The guys got it done.

I'm told a few of the veterans got together and figured out how to get through the next week and/or month while my schedule was suddenly blown to bits. While I was mini-vanning the boys around, trying to keep the house in order, and trying to figure out where the hell Joe's green beebee (blanket) was, I didn't get a single crisis call. It just...worked.

So, thanks to the guys of My Truck Buddy. I'm starting to think we might have something here.

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