Friday, March 9, 2012

This is exactly how I think of My Truck Buddy

Every now and then I Google "My Truck Buddy" to see what people are saying out there. For the most part, it's nothing -- just me writing cryptic witticisms (or what I attempt at wit) in various places. For some people, the Internet is a vast, featureless plain of loneliness. *Sad face.*

But sometimes I come across things that frighten or intrigue me. The following image does a little bit of both.
This is exactly how I see MTB, but where did it come from?!?
It intrigues me because it came from the blog of someone I've never heard of. It's not a customer in our database. But...that' I know it's my truck because I have that exact image in my files, and the license plate is blacked out just like I blacked it out when I first blogged about it. I was pretty proud of myself in those days -- I was able to purchase (well, get a loan for) my first very own big boy pickup truck. I drove over the the Capitol building's parking lot and took a spiffy pic to brag about later. it is. With a comic Viking and gold.

The picture frightens me because someone out there read my mind. When I think about the future of My Truck Buddy, this is exactly how I envision it. In public, and to the guys, I explain gross revenue projections, service goals, the core values of the business, etc. But in my mind I picture myself standing on the hood of my Ford Ranger, no pants, in a Viking get-up, with a pile of gold in the bed as I raise my axe to Odin above daring him to stop us now, while I park on a mountain overlooking a Scottish loch.

It's eerie as heck that someone captured my innermost secret and rendered it in picture form.

So now I see that the Internet is not just a vast, featureless and lonely plain, but a world where anything is possible, and where our dreams and nightmares may come true.

Think about it. Beware.

UPDATE: Jon just reminded me that one of the other guys, Robert, has an artist friend who Robert may have informally contracted to do some artwork for us at my suggestion. Maybe. I don't remember. I'm a pretty busy guy.

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