Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The global empire expands...down the hall

About 15 months ago I had a parking problem. Our small fleet was growing, but we didn't have any place to keep it. It was only three trucks, but as anyone who's lived here for five minutes knows, apparently every level of government is largely funded by parking tickets. Parking trucks in secure locations in public places was costly -- it was almost a line item in our budget. (Hah..."budget." That's cute.)

This is where I process numerous bills...
I put an ad on Craigslist, noting that the parking situation was my main priority, but office space would be nice, too. One of the two people who responded had the ideal location -- parking and a small room with lots of built-in drawers. The price was great.

Long story short, we quickly outgrew it. Fortunately, the offices next to ours were vacated, and it was a natural progression to take over half the building. Now, I get an office and the guys get a place to relax or kill time before/between jobs. We also have plenty of storage space, and the guys (Jimmy and Dave) who do the scheduling now have room to do their thing, too.

This is where I check Facebook...
I'm so tickled about it that I now feel a huge pressure to build the company even bigger, if, for no other reason, to justify what feels to me to be a massive new expansion. I don't know how Trump and other CEOs can breathe when they buy entire buildings. Hah!

Anyway, here are some pics of the new MTB World HQ. Two things:

1. The office was painted that color when I took it over. It's salmon. Not pink.

2. I made the whiteboard in the last pic this morning. Instead of spending $200+ on a whiteboard from Staples, I just Liquid Glued some tile board to some wood siding and hung it from a wall. It weighs about 100 pounds, but it cost about $38 total. Yeah, I proud.

This is my thinking wall. As you can see, it's blank...

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