Thursday, January 19, 2012

7 Things Your Employees Never Want to Hear

Inc. online has an article called "7 Things Your Employees Never Want to Hear." It details alternatives that you, as a boss, might want to consider.

The advice is good, but it doesn't work for every industry. And anyway, I've found my own alternatives. In brief, here they are:

1. "Good idea -- now if we also..."
My alternative: "That's a horrible idea. Go fold those blankets."

2. "Look. I’m in charge here."
My alternative: Actually, that's pretty good.

3. "I have a great opportunity for you."
My alternative: "You don't look like you're doing anything. Go fold those blankets."

4. "Man, I’m looking forward to my trip to Europe."
My alternative: "I don't care where we take our vacation as long as I don't have to see you for two weeks."

5. "I’ve had enough. I’m out of here."
My alternative: "I'm gonna brainstorm in the boardroom." The boardroom, of course, is the Majestic Lounge around the corner. Great beer selection.

 6. "No."
My alternative: Hahaha. "No."

7. "We."
My alternative: "Look. I'm in charge here."  

Feel free to use any of these! 

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