Friday, December 2, 2011

If only he knew what the scroll wheel on his mouse was for...

Yesterday we received the most vicious email I've ever seen in MTB history. A potential customer was enraged, apparently, that we didn't include dollar amounts in our estimate. There was an exchange of emails, and he ended up writing a bad review on Angie's List.

Here's the problem: WE DID INCLUDE DOLLAR AMOUNTS. In fact, they were in a larger, bolder font. The customer knows this, but he's apparently an unstable person and decided to slander us anyway.

I wrote a response on Angie's List, and in it, I promised to include our full correspondence. After a little reflection, I've decided against it as the potential damage is relatively minimal. However, I will post the following two images as evidence that we did, in fact, give him a complete estimate. Furthermore, this has been our standard estimate template for about a year, given to literally thousands of people. In all that time, we've never had someone misunderstand the estimate so egregiously.

Here's the belligerent response we got from the customer after sending the estimate. Please note that this was the very first response we received from him after sending a full, complete estimate:

And here's the section he neglected to read. It appears in roughly the middle of the standard estimate we send out:

When I pointed out the misunderstanding, Randy said he was "deeply offended" that we didn't send a proper estimate, and that he'd be giving us an 'F' because of our dishonesty.

Too bad for us, I guess. All of this could have been avoided if we'd simply pointed out the scroll wheel in the middle of his mouse...

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