Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Truck Buddy then and now

We're resuscitating our marketing efforts for the slow season, which means digging up all our old pictures in the archive. There are some good ones -- laughably naive, etc. For example, here's a picture I took in the very earliest days:

Look at me -- so proud, so slightly overweight. "Look at all these straps I have! And all these tarps! I'm prepared for anything."

Ah, stupid young Chris from 2008. How innocent you were. If someone went to a job with those things now I'd register him in the Truck Buddy "resume preparation class" by the end of the day.

Along those lines, we came across the following picture:

This was taken during the winter of '09 or so, I believe. It was my brilliant idea to go to some busy spot and hand out hot chocolate, cookies and business cards. Mission: unsuccessful, sort of. I picked the Masonic temple in Old Town to hand these things out. People were sledding down that big hill. Unfortunately, cookies and hot chocolate appealed primarily to all the children there. I gave a lot of business cards to the under-eight set. Occasionally a parent would stop by to make sure the nice man handing out treats to their children wasn't a child molester. The scary thing is that only a few parents did so.

It's too early to say because, in theory, one of those kids will call us in twenty years. But for now, that was a total bust of an effort.

Nowadays, though, we have our big trucks. I'd say we're showing signs of improvement. The next time we do an on-site marketing event, we're giving away beer. But not to children. We have standards.

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