Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some statistics: average move times

After about four years of doing this, we're now doing some things we probably should have been doing all along. Things like, you know, keeping up-to-date customer records, doing more pro-active in-house marketing, and, analyzing data. Having never been a "numbers guy," I knew that in theory it was important to quantify and track everything we do, but there was always something more pressing to do (like fires to put out).

However, our "numbers guy" is back from a stint in Denver. In his life prior to MTB he was an analyst of some kind. My read on him is that if he's not crunching numbers, he has siezures. So, I gave him access to the database and let him go nuts. Here's one nugget of information he came up with. Some folks may be interested in what he found:

Average Job Times
N is the number of jobs observed. This data set is taken from all jobs (for which we have data) from around mid-February 2011 to now, September 5, 2011)

1 Room: 2.49 (n=21)

Studio Apartments: 2.83 (n=9)

1 Bedroom Apartments: 3.37 hr (n=64)

1 + Den Apartments: 3.25 hr (n=13)

2 Bedroom Apartments: 4.3055 (n=36)

3 Bedroom Apartments or houses: 4.72 (n=15)

What really surprises me here is how fast bigger jobs (2 and 3 bedroom places) are going, on average. We all have war stories about 11-hour jobs that usually involve the bigger places (sometimes people don't pack and a 1 BD takes all frakking day), but that is an astounding average. It makes me wonder if I need to eliminate our 5-8 hour estimate category altogether.
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