Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Mantis gets a makeover

Earlier this year pre-literate vandals tagged our flagship truck, sometimes known as "The Mantis." She was a beauty before the tagging -- extremely low miles, tons of power, lots of room. She was kind of plain, but the big white box was clean. Then, this happened:

Since most of the time there's no room in the budget for a simple one-color paint job, we weren't able to do anything about it. But eventually, after getting pulled over a half-dozen times or so, I realized it was just a cop-magnet and slathered the sides in white Rustoleum. It almost restored the Mantis to her original sexiness, but she still wasn't quite there.

So, I pulled some change out of the couch cushions and gave her the makeover she deserved:

We thought about doing something funny for the back door, but that duty fell to me, and I'm not that great with "planned humor." So, I went with the safe route -- basic company info for our captive audiences trapped in traffic.

Anyway, she's a beaut. Woe to the hooligans who tag her now.

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