Thursday, January 13, 2011

How the Love Sack changed my life

(I can only imagine what kind of traffic this is going to drive to the site...)

I'm constantly amazed at how random, seemingly insignificant events shape the course of our lives. Sometimes the big events do too, obviously. If not for 9/11, I never would have researched DC journalism internships, landed one, met my wife at a newspaper, had kids, and launched this business. But among those big branches are millions of smaller "twigs" of events, I suppose. Recently, a plush piece of furniture changed my whole way of doing things, making me much happier and appreciative of the wonders right in front of me.

Let me explain (if you care)...

I think I've already mentioned the Love Sack someone gave us. It was totally unexpected -- we FILLED someone's new apartment with their old furniture, and some of the stuff had to go. So, they donated the Love Sack, a humongous sofa bean bag. (I have no idea if it's actually filled with beans, but it's com-feeee. It could be filled with kittens and I'm not sure I'd ever give it up.*)

My wife surprised me and actually liked it, but she could tolerate only so much -- it was consigned to the kids' toy room which, if experience is any guide, meant it would be encrusted with half-chewed cookies, rotten bananas and sour milk (and other unmentionable effluvium) in a matter of days. That would not do for my precious.

So, I pulled the trigger and rented some office space I'd been looking at. Now, the office had become a necessity for all kinds of real, legitimate reasons, but I'll be completely honest: I wanted a man cave for the Love Sack. IT is the reason I took on essentially another rent in the slow season.

Some interesting things have come about as a result of this decision: I now have a guaranteed place of solitude for work anytime I need it. I have a place to store equipment. I have a place to store files and all that other administrative crap that come along with running a real, grown-up-type business.

The time this has saved me is unbelievable. Now there's far less equipment shuffling between trucks and the house, less truck shuffling between jobs, etc. Better yet, it's allowed me to have something like a normal work day. Because I have such a productive work space, I can now DOMINATE the thousand or so daily tasks that would put me weeks behind. No more dragging a laptop to jobs to monitor e-mails. No more getting home at 7:00 after a job, spending a couple of hours with the family, then secluding myself in the home office until 1:00 AM to catch up on a sliver of work. Nowadays, I can get more done in a solid day of effort and go home, able to shut off the daily grind.

And in that time after 6:00 or so, I can play with my sons, and maybe, just maybe, if Kolbe goes to bed at a decent time, spend a little time vegging with the wife watching TV. We've even had conversations over dinner!!! You have to understand that these are novelties. We've been in crisis mode so long that the things some people consider even boring are now precious gifts for us. Heck, I even noticed that my wife got a haircut the other day!

I owe it all to the Love Sack. I've tried automated processes, assistants, cutting services, adding services...everything. But a piece of plush furniture enabled something like a life.

Now, if I could just carve out a little bit of time to actually sit on the thing, I could die a happy man.

* Yes, I know, that's a horrible analogy, and no, I wouldn't keep it if it was filled with kittens. I'd throw it out after a month or two.

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Googla Monster said...

It's amazing how things work out. Good to hear the happy result of the sack.