Friday, January 7, 2011

Another great review, but I'll have to let someone go because of it... is our lifeblood. We would be nowhere near where we are without it. We'd still be scrambling on Craigslist, or competing with people who think a low price is the only thing they have to offer (and they're often right...) I'm so thankful for everyone who has ever written a positive review about us.

So, I'm somewhat saddened by one of the most recent ones. It means I'll probably have to let someone go. Just read the review. You'll know what I mean. After this, there won't be a guy on the crew who'll want to work with Joe. Lol.

As many people probably have had happen (or not), I had a mover totally bail on me the day he was supposed to show up.  I'm talking "you're supposed to be here at 10am and you called me at 10am to tell me that you're not coming because your truck won't start and you can do it tomorrow".  To add insult to injury, when I very bluntly expressed my dissatisfaction with this new arrangement, suddenly he could not only make it "somewhat' on time (It's a miracle! The truck suddenly starts!), now we could have THREE men to do the job as opposed to the measly TWO I was going to get, and the price "wouldn't be much more."  (It's a miracle!  Not only does the truck start, but now it can accommodate more bodies!) JOY!

That was sarcasm.

After I very loudly (I tend to get loud when I am upset) and bluntly let it be known that there was no arrangement they could come up with that would work, this company proceeded to call me 5 times within the next 10 minutes in order to badger me into "keeping my commitment".  And then had the balls to tell my loving father that he wouldn't get his credit card deposit back, since we "reneged on the deal". Uh, hello?  YOU were the one who ADMITTED, on the day of "the commitment" you weren't going to be able to show up on the day of "the commitment"! At all! I'm supposed to have faith in you showing up tomorrow?

Daddy got loud too.

I digress. The point of that was to share just how desperate I was.  I was recovering from a relatively major illness and thought, at the time, I would be moving out of the area to recover.  I absolutely could not do this move by myself and I absolutely could not leave my things in the apartment.  I needed to be out by a certain time, and was freaking out.  Not good when you have been hospitalized for a week and are still in recovery.

Enter Truck Buddy.  I called and **tried** to be relatively calm about my need for a move that weekend, with less than a week's notice. I explained what had happened, exactly what needed to go, and why this needed to happen with THEM.  I had looked at their website and it looked like they had no room left (which Chris told me was actually an incorrect interpretation, and he stated he would work on that, Woo hoo for pro-activeness -- or is it pro-activity?? I don't know but I like it).  Chris let me know that he thought he could do it, and gave me an exact time that he needed me to follow up on the phone  (11:00am) since I had called at the crack of dawn, and told me to put everything that I just said in writing so he had everything down.  Considering how early it was and that I could hear the his little ones in the background, he was quite gracious.  He picked up the phone AND was nice!

Woo hoo for clarity and niceness!

The deal was sealed in less than two hours.  No deposit needed.  Confirmation email sent. Paranoid phone call from me to make sure they'd ACTUALLY show up was promptly and laughingly answered.  And yes, they showed up. At 1:58pm for a 2:00pm move.  I'm glad I was a believer, dressed and ready to go.

Two guys showed up with the truck, John and Joe.  Joe is an impossibly attractive tall, blond, muscular Viking looking former crew team member who was very interesting, personable, and quite strong. (Hellloooo Thor!) John was equally cute, with striking green eyes and quick wit.  No meat-heads here. To me, this is a good thing.  Chris chooses people that can take direction and treat the "movee" with courtesy.  What really got me was that the third guy, Rick, was late simply because his wallet was stolen from the coffee house where they had taken a break, and he went back to retrieve it, and he didn't find it, and he STILL came to do the job!  I would have been quite bent outta shape if I had no wallet, cash or ID, but Rick was the consummate professional and showed up. Apologized profusely like he thought I would bite his head off. It was nice to see those bright blue eyes sparkle when he realized I wouldn't kill him for being late.  Makes me wonder who the hell these movers are subjected to.

Anywho, Wow.

They got me out of my third floor walk-up apt and into my storage unit in less than 3 hours. Friendly, clean, intelligent, timely, and affordably priced. You can't beat it.  So pleased was I, that I became lucid enough throughout all this stress to give a great tip on top of the fee. (and John made sure I saw the calculations.  Woo hoo for conscientiousness!)  These guys are good, they were worth the tip, and I felt I simply had to ensure they stay in business.  Now that I am recovered and my job has made things so lucrative that I simply must return to the area, I hope Truck Bud will be available to move me into my new place.  I simply do not want to go with anyone else!

Wait, that sounded wrong didn't it?  Ah well, I get happy when I find a good business.  You should get happy too. (But not too happy, I need to have a slot!)

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