Monday, December 27, 2010

MTB World Headquarters has moved into fancy new digs!

For those of you who've received e-mails from me via my iPhone, no, I don't actually have an orbital command center...yet. No, until recently, when I was able to work on admin stuff (as opposed to being out in the field lifting), I worked out of several "remote offices." Caboose Cafe in Del Ray was my favorite. PerkUp in Old Town was also a good one. If I was really hard-up for private admin working time, you might have seen me parked somewhere, balancing my laptop and a cup of take-out coffee on the side of the road.

No more! At least, now while I can afford the new office. The new place is still in the Old Town, Alexandria area. I won't disclose the monthly rent, but its very affordable (assuming the same number of jobs keeps coming in), and it's more than adequate. Four walls, a window, and great access to our main routes of the day. Home is 15 minutes away.

Here are some pics!

It's easy to get sentimental about this. Noah, our de facto marketing guy, stood here and, I swear, almost shed a tear. "This is where it begins," he said. I guffawed a little bit because it actually began over three years and about three thousand moves ago. But, yeah, this is the beginning of the next phase, whichever it is. (Phase two? Three? Four? I dunno -- it all sort of blurs together.) It started with me and a pickup truck, and occasionally a buddy. Now we have three trucks, we're trying to expand into two new states, and the summer busy season is just a few short months away.

(Yeah, I know, if you're reading this on the day it's written, December 27th, 2010, and you're anywhere Washington, D.C., you're thinking "summer is about a hundred years away." It's 30 degrees outside, windchill brings it down to about zero, and there ain't no WAY you're going outside unless the building is on fire -- and only then if you can stand close enough to stay warm... But 2010 just warped past us, or rather, we went through it at warp factor 10. More on that in a post tomorrow or so, but for now, summer is coming

Anyway, here we are. The office is perfect for one guy, but I can envision another desk or two in here as we really get sophisticated. For now, I believe there's a toilet somewhere in the building, maybe a refrigerator, and there's plenty of blessed peace and quiet. That's more success than I ever expected to see.

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