Friday, December 17, 2010

Man down...

I suppose that when you run a business where you put vehicles on the road most of the day, it's inevitable. I worry constantly about it--when's it going to happen? Will we be carrying a load? Will we have to offload a truck into another truck? Will anybody be hurt?

I never thought much about one of the guys being hurt. After all, we're invincible! We're Truck Buddies. Last Thursday, however, reality hit us, though fortunately at only about 35 mph. Jimmy, who's been with us for about a year and is one of our best workers, and a good friend, got a little banged up.

Here are the facts I was able to gather: The guys were loading a truck around noon . A 19 year old girl doing about 35 mph came up the road, which was three lanes and wide enough to sail an aircraft carrier down with room on both sides to spare, came up and nailed the truck. Jimmy was flung from the lift gate, probably hit it on the way down, and landed in the street.

He called me before the paramedics arrived, and I never want to hear that kind of fear in his voice again. Jimmy's the kind of guy who, if I were to call from a Tijuana jail cell at 3 AM, he'd tell me he'd be there by 7:00 AM. He wouldn't ask for help unless he really needed it. That day, he needed it.

That's about all I can say at the moment. Until her insurance company and my insurance company settle things, I probably shouldn't comment further. There may be some complications, believe it or not, (seems like a pretty open-and-shut case, right?), but it's actually not. More on that as we go forward.

For now, Jimmy seems to be alright, although you never know with back injuries. His spine is alright, and he's able to drive a truck, so we'll see. I knew I was leaning on him pretty hard as we push the final bit through until we see real, undeniable success, but since he's been nearly completely out of commission, I feel like the company is on very shaky ground.

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