Saturday, November 13, 2010

MTB's directorial day-bew.

Have you seen these Xtranormal videos popping up everywhere? I saw one on a message board somewhere and thought it was cute (it was about the hell a wedding singer goes though). Then I saw another one explaining some theological point, and I thought some Catholic geek really had a lot of time on his hands. But then I saw a Geico commercial using this technology, and I realized it was a trend. Having virtually no backbone of my own, I bowed to the trend, looked it up, and messed around with the software. The following is my first attempt at a commercial/video. It's kind of a hybrid -- too long for a commercial, and too commercial to be a stand-alone creative production.

Meh. More to come. Now that it's the slow season, I'll probably crank out a ton of these while stuck at home, the heat turned off, munching on any stale Trix we can find in the back of the pantry.

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