Sunday, April 11, 2010

MTB partners with Square 3 Ventures to help get rid of your unwanted stuff!

I get a lot of stuff from our customers. A LOT. More than half my house is furnished by discarded couches, bookcases, beds, etc. It got so bad recently that my wife had to sell off all the excess inventory cluttering the baby's room. (The future baby, that is. I didn't stock little Joseph's room with discarded merchandise.)

For awhile, I would sell this stuff through my web store. But as business grew, my time to manage the web store shrank. Fortunately, I now have a way to help people get rid of their stuff!

A former co-worker of mine and her roommate started a neat little "micro-consignment" company called Square 3 Ventures. They "simplify your life by making you money for items you no longer need nor want, all while keeping useful goods out of landfills."

And they do it at a really good rate, keeping only about 20 percent of the profit. The rest goes to you. You don't deal with Craigslist no-shows, haggling, etc. Just give them your stuff, they market and sell it, and give you cash.

Check out their site here if you need to get rid of some of your clutter. It could be gold!

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