Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Golfing for sanity

Yesterday MTB went "off the grid" for most of the day. Oh, I was monitoring electronic chatter, as our Langley buddies might say, but for the sake of my mental health, I stayed off the phone and out of my inbox. I was golfing.

Normally you wouldn't expect that golf would be a good, relaxing diversion from hundreds of e-mails and complex scheduling duties, but it was. In fact, not to complain, but for a guy with limited cranial resources like me, running through a gauntlet of flaming chainsaws would be less stressful than keeping on top of administrative duties. So, 18 holes of golf was cathartic despite my bowling-like score.

<--That's a rabid, three-legged fox sneaking up on Jimmy, by the way.

I think I'm going to make bi-weekly golf trips mandatory for the "core" group of Truck Buddies. That would include Brett, TJ, Jimmy, Gary and David. But if possible, I'd like to include the golfing members of the extended network, too. This job makes it easy to forget that there are other things in life, at least for me. I'm the guy organizing everything and doing nearly 100 percent of the moves. I do enjoy the work, for the most part, but it is a time-consuming gig. If I let it, I could easily work 24 hours per day moving, e-mailing, answering questions, answering phone calls, scheduling, etc. The few hours I forced myself to take off yesterday reminded me that I can, if I choose to accept that mission, have a life.

And no, Facebooking doesn't count.

Yeah, this is a rambling, mostly non-sensical post. Many apologies. I'm still just a little euphoric after breathing free air again. Lol.

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