Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I won't be marketing with Twitter

This video explains my feelings about Twitter perfectly:


Anonymous said...

While I certainly appreciate the humor of this video, and can agree with it to some extent, twitter is a smart and inexpensive marketing tool. With the right audience and informative posts you can drive tons of traffic anywhere on the net. I'm not attempting to sway your opinion... and truly thought the video was hilarious! But, there are two sides to every coin =) I thought perhaps you would find the below link informative.

Have a great one!


Googla Monster said...

I've only recently heard of Twitter. I don't "get it." I've gone on Facebook and Myspace, but it seems too much work. I'll stick to blogging.

Christopher said...

I'm getting a lot of blowback about this elsewhere. I suppose I should at least check into it. BUT! I still would love to see some hard numbers suggesting the effectiveness of "Tweeting."