Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still here...

Actually, no, I'm not still here. I've been out on the road so much lately (thank you very much, DC area customers) that I barely have time to shower and change my pants, much less blog. Seriously, yesterday was the third straight day I wore the same pair of cargo shorts. Thankfully I'm getting so strong that I don't actually sweat.

Heh, well, sort of.

Anyway, I've been hearing rumors that people actually READ this blog. (Hello, you in Colorado! I've always loved your state. I saw the pope there about twenty years ago. On a less holy trip, I went to the Springs and got a little bit wrecked. Yeah, just a little...) So, I'll be sure to offer some interesting content. If you read it, I owe it to you to write it. It's our special relationship.

Speaking of interesting content, I'm headed to Luckett's Store today. I'm more excited than a grown MAN should be about an antique store, but what can I say? I was raised by my artsy mom and grandma the first three years of my life. You don't get out of THAT without at least a little touch of artistic appreciation. Hell, I was going to Michaels craft store for years to get supplies for faux column painting and...

Never mind.

Pictures later!

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