Monday, March 16, 2009

Marketing ideas...

The other day we had one of those "snow storms" that shuts down the city. I didn't have any moves scheduled that day, so I figured the conditions would be perfect to try out a marketing idea I had.

It was really simple--I'd just show up somewhere with some cookies and hot chocolate, give them out for free, and hand out some cards.

Well, I picked the big hill at the Masonic temple for the location. In retrospect, I should have realized it might not have been optimal. Yes, I did hand out some cards, and that was good, but the vast majority of the cookies and hot chocolate I gave out went to kids. And, as we all know, kids are notoriously bad tippers--if they have any money to pay for goods and services in the first place.

Next time--a better, more adult location. Not to mention that it's probably never a good idea to park your vehicle where kids congregate to hand out treats.


Anyway, here are some pics of that frigid day.

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