Monday, March 16, 2009

Introducing the MTB Total Body Stimulus Plan!

This morning a regular customer of mine (she runs a European linens business) looked me up and down and said, "You've lost weight."


Yes, I suppose I have. None of my pants seem to fit anymore, and when I cinch up my belt, it scrunches them up so as to look like a denim bag wrapped around my waist. On the plus side, I've got pretty good biceps and pecs for a naturally small guy. I may not look like much, muscle-wise, but I assure you, there's something there. If you doubt it, I'll crush your head with my pecs of destruction.

Anyway, that got me thinking. I probably have 2-3 entrepreneurial ideas every day, but I never have the time to act on them. THIS one is actionable right now, though.

Here it is--it's very simple.

Want to lose weight? Come work for me. I'll put you on a weight-loss regimen that'll burn fat, build muscle, and tone you. Best of all, it's ALL NATURAL. Exercises include:

The armoire lift.
The sleeper sofa shuffle.
The entertainment center heft.
And many more...

Want to burn fat? I'll get you to do the "long haul." This basically means carrying an item 100 yards or more. Some movers charge extra for this, it's so effective.

Looking for a full body workout? I'll put you on the advanced program--The armoire lift, down stairs, and walk it 50 yards or more.

I guarantee that at the end of my program, you'll look great, feel great, and will no longer have to put up with meaty jocks kicking sand in your face at the beach, as is my understanding of such things.

You get all this for the low-low price of $40 per hour. You show up to the job site and we'll get you started right away.

Hurry up and call. Space in the MTB Total Body Stimulus Plan is limited!

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