Friday, February 20, 2009

I need your blogs!

Hey, DC-area people! I'm on a linking crusade. If you have a blog or site and want to swap links with, or if you have a favorite site you'd like to see get some publicity, let me know! You can either leave a comment here, or go to the main site and get a hold of me through that. Or, what the hey, just e-mail your link info to Chris AT MyTruckBud DOT com.



Googla Monster said...

Hey Chris, I like your new website. Have you considered adding a service to dispose of "perfectly good stuff." That is to say, for a fee, take items that people wish to responsiblty dispose of - or even better rehome. I think that there are people who find dealing with craigslist too much of a hassle.

Christopher said...


I've thought about it, and it's going to be a major part of the business once I have a place to store it all. As it is, I have several items in my storage unit from my customers.

Man, I wonder why I wasn't notified about your comment. It's been weeks! I'll have to get to the bottom of this...