Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hello! Welcome to 2009. So far we're off to a great start!

What's that?

Are you sure?


Okay, I've just been informed that the economy is in the tank, they're tearing each other up in the Middle East again, and damn it! The vending machine is out of Chex Mix again...

Okay, composing myself...10...9...8...7...


Yeah, the world's got some problems right now, but that's no reason for pessimism. Times like these really test our character and resolve. (Trust me, this is a good thing). With the right attitude, you come out stronger, healthier and happier. Look at me--in 2008 I nearly lost my home, I was laid off from my day job, and the market nearly killed my fledgling side business, But I'm still here and more determined than ever to make something of myself and my life. "MTB awareness," for lack of a better phrase, is on the rise. traffic is up more than 230 percent. This is a very good thing, forged almost entirely from will and determination.

I'm not normally this peppy, believe me. In fact, as I write this, I'm stymied by some marketing challenges I face. This, several unanswered business questions, and the stress of raising a fussy, mobile toddler could easily bury me under an avalanche of self-doubt and self-pity. But I refuse to let it. And you know what happens when you do that? New ideas and opportunities arise. It's not magic, but it feels that way.

So let's get out there and rock 2009, Washington. I'm going to go find some Chex Mix.

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