Monday, September 22, 2014

New blog location

Greetings, people!

Just wanted to post a quick update: I'm hosting the blog in a different location now. You can find it at It's a self-hosted Wordpress blog that offers some neat bells and whistles I hope to one take advantage of. And, despite years of experience to the contrary, I hope that a neat new online toy will inspire me to actually provide useful, cool, or even funny content on a regular basis. That's not the most insane thing I ever did to make myself write more. I once moved across the country to be among politically involved writers.

I ended up founding a moving company, which says something about my strategy to arrange external motivators around me to inspire production. But I digress...

Anyway, that's where the new blog is. The structure/look/feel of it is still fluid, (it's possible to see five different header graphics in one day -- just refresh!), but the content is relatively dynamic. 

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yelp review -- Jordan P.

Thanks, Jordan!

Great job, Andrew and Marshall.

I signed up for Yelp just to sing the praises of My Truck Buddy. They're helpful, friendly, and CHEAP.

I found MTB through their absurdly high Yelp rating and immediately requested an estimate. They got back to me in short order with a very reasonable price range that they assured me wouldn't come bundled with hidden fees.

I found myself waiting much longer than expected on our scheduled move date, and called them--only to find out that *I* gave them the wrong number and they'd been trying to call me for the past three hours! No worries--David the GM was incredibly friendly and we were able to reschedule for the next day!

I pride myself on being an easy mover but these guys RAN with it. A move from College Park to Columbia Heights was slated for 2-4 hours and they finished in an hour and a half! I made up for the money I saved with a tip for the movers, who were both very friendly and helpful.

I'll be using My Truck Buddy for as long as I'll be living in the greater DC area and I'll be recommending them to my friends until they're sick of me.

Yelp review -- Eric S.

Thanks, Eric!

Special thanks to the guys: Travis, Walter and Amir.

Awesome!  My Truck Buddy is a fantastic company and I absolutely recommend them for anyone moving in the DC metro area.  Without a car and not wanting to deal with the headache of renting a moving truck, I contacted MTB to help me with my move from a townhouse to a studio apartment about a mile and a half away.  

Getting an estimate from the My Truck Buddy website was straightforward and the communication throughout the planning process was great.  I moved from Dupont circle and the guys were ready to deal with the congested streets without a hitch.  Also, the parking lot at my new apartment is kind of tricky to get to but MTB was super flexible and coordinated with the guys on the moving day so everything went smoothly.

On the day of the move, Travis, Walter, and Amir were great - super helpful, respectful of my belongings, and efficient (and super cool dudes to boot).  In the end, it took roughly one hour (ONE hour!) from their arrival to final payment ... Can't beat that.

If anyone is looking for help moving and contemplating whether or not to hire movers, I recommend - without hesitation - My Truck Buddy.

Yelp review -- Bella M.

Thanks, Bella! Unfortunately, I can't find your name in our database, so I can't recognize the crew, so if you happen to see this, please let us know who you are!

Yes!!! These guys are great! They were very prompt and professional. Prior to my move day we spoke on the phone a couple of times, the communication was respectful and professional. Once you get your quote online, make sure you get an email to ensure you are scheduled. Mine didn't go through, for some reason, but I called and they took care of it in 3 minutes tops!
Four movers were scheduled to move my apartment. Two of the gentlemen couldn't make it but they called me hours before my move to inform me of this and also to give me a new lower rate for the inconvenience. They were concerned about the care of my items and worked quickly. There are enough business around here that make moving very difficult. My Truck Buddy is NOT one of them. Don't look any further, safe yourself the headache and waste of money. This company is legit! I've referred them to other people since my move and everyone has been pleased!!

Yelp review -- Bonnie S.

Thanks, Bonnie!

Thanks to the crew: Prescott, Sean, and Brian.

I am an experienced 'mover'.  In some ways, it seems odd to give MTB five stars and an over abundance of compliments because, well, they did what every good company is SUPPOSED to do.  But I guess that's the thing... it's rare that a company hits all the right notes every time.

They were on time, super nice, patient, helpful, and accomodating.  My cat went slightly psycho on move day (I was unprepared for this) and they worked around it without a cat lady comment :)

All the pre and post communication was great too. I've moved a lot and never had a 'nightmare' experience with movers (knock on wood).  but it is true that if you are packing it, kind of know what you're doing, and are hoping to not cash out your 401k in order to avoid moving like you're 20 and can rely on friends, beer and pizza... this is who you want to call.

Yelp review--Sonia D.

Thanks, Sonia!

Crew: Joel, Walter, Joey, Brian.

My Truck Buddy moving experience was excellent.  They respond on-line quickly.  They arrived on time for move day.  Their workers were like the "Energizer Bunnies" - they never stopped - got my move done in record time and under the estimated cost.  Highly Recommend.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anniversary review -- Ben H.

Almost exactly one year ago today Ben H. reviewed MTB on Yelp. This is a particularly good one because it highlights a lot of our philosophy -- be responsive, ask questions and figure out the best way to help people.

Special kudos to Truck Buddy David, the guy primarily in charge of processing work requests and keeping the wheels turning around here.

By the way, this is our 403rd review. Pretty cool, huh?

Excellent movers! I emailed around 4-5 different places for price quotes (all with stellar Yelp reviews), and all of the quotes (except MTB) were far over what I expected. I think the main difference was that David from MTB was the only person who actually called me up and asked me questions about our needs. Once I talked to him on the phone, he figured out that we only needed two people for 3-4 hours, while the other quotes were for 3 people for 4-6 hours. Sure enough, the quote was very close to what we actually paid, and we were very pleased that we didn't overpay. Also, if you are planning to move, you should check out their website (even if you don't hire them). Their moving guide pdf has some great info, and it gave us some really helpful ideas for making the move go more smoothly. Both movers who came were very friendly, professional, and did a great job. I insisted on helping move boxes to the truck (because I'm cheap and don't mind the work) and they were totally cool with me helping out. I thought everything was packed into the truck very well, and we had almost no breakage (one minor break was due to our faulty packing, and not mishandling on their part). I would definitely use MTB again.